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Pigeon Toe & Flat FeetSigns Your Child is not Walking Correctly

Common Foot and Leg Problems in Children


The foot consists of 28 bones making it the most complex structure of the body.

Many adult foot problems have their origins in childhood.   

Often parents will hear the response “Don’t worry they will grow out of it” when their child is experiencing pain.  It is important not to dismiss children’s consistent complaints of pain as “just growing pains” as these pains are usually caused by a biomechanical problem which can be fixed.


Signs parents can look for in children that signify they are not walking correctly are:


 Constantly tired and aching legs

 Walking  out toed

 Intoed (pigeon toed)

 Collapsed arches

 Clumsy when running or tired

 Uneven shoe wear

 Shoes wear out on inside of sole

 Bow legged  


By 12, a child’s foot is 90% of it's adult length.It is therefore important to get your child’s feet checked early.  

By educating   parents, we are giving them the knowledge to help identify problems earlyAs the parent sees their children daily it enables them to detect problems early.  

If your child displays any of the points listed above please ask for an appointment for your child to be assessed so we can help prevent future problems.




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