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Bunions – This is an enlargement of bone or tissue, either at the base of the big toe, or on the outside of the foot. The enlargement is often due to excess Pronation of the foot. 



                    X-ray of a developed bunion



Bunions are not hereditary – but, inherited bad mechanics are an underlying cause. Due to excessive pronation (foot rolling inwards) this causes increased forces on the big toe.  This results in assisting the big toe into abduction (moving towards 2nd toe) during the propulsion phase of gait.



Pain may be felt on the big toe, together with a lump that enlarges with age. Left untreated the big toe will increasingly deviate until it either overlaps or underlaps the 2nd toe, making it difficult to obtain comfortable fitting footwear. Pain, discomfort and difficulty wearing shoes may be experienced due to the deformity. Arthritis and stiffness may also develop.



• Orthotic Therapy to lock the bones in the foot preventing the big toe from being pushed towards the second toe.

• Orthotics limits the effects of pronation and prevents further development of the bunion.

• Foot mobilisation to increase mobility of big toe joint.

• Surgery in extreme circumstances.































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