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  Comfort Gurantee


When properly prescribed and produced, foot orthotics are very comfortable—in fact, you should barely be aware that you are wearing them.  It is our responsibility to make sure that your orthotics are comfortable and that they are providing the best biomechanical solution to your foot problem. 

The quality of orthotic devices varies considerably and depends on many factors. Podiatrists are experts at identifying and fixing orthotic problems. In fact, although we of course cannot guarantee exactly how your symptoms will respond, we do guarantee that your orthotics will be comfortable (although we do recommend a gradual start to wearing them in your shoes in order for you to get used to wearing them). If for any reason they are not comfortable, let us know so that we can fix the problem.

In the first six weeks of receiving your orthotics, any adjustments that need to be made it will be free of charge.



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