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Orthotics for Sandals  


A selection of the sandals that work with custom orthotics.


Range from kumfs sandles




Naot Shoes







Sandles with inbuilt arch support                                                          

Supplier Athletes Foot Store   





Yes, you can wear orthotics and wear sandals too!

For comfortable feet and "freedom from enclosed shoes" you can have custom orthotics made that fit into sandals, Here’s how to do it:

Step One:  Get custom orthotics

Once you and your Podiatrist have confirmed that your prescription custom orthotics are comfortable and working correctly, you can order a pair of orthotics for sandals. 


Step Two:  Purchase your sandals

The next step is to purchase a sandal with a removable insole. We recommend Kumfs or Naot sandles —which are made especially for orthotic wearers. To purchase these sandles a list of retailers is available at or .Make sure these sandals have a removable foot bed and will accept orthotics.


Step Three:  Contact us with the sandal size

Your Podiatrist will write a prescription for a pair of orthotics made especially to fit into your sandals.  These will be the same prescription and offer the same control as your regular orthotics.        



Frequently Asked Questions

Will my sandal orthotics fit into regular shoes?

Probably not. The insoles that come with most good sandals are very large and provide much of the stability of the sandal. Your sandal orthotics will be made to exactly fit the sandal and will likely be too large to fit in other shoes.   

Can sandal orthotics be put into other sandals?

Very likely yes. Of course, the sandal must have a removable insole.

Will regular orthotics fit into my sandals?

Probably not. The normal sandal insole is larger than your regular orthotic. A standard orthotic will usually “float around” in your sandal due to the size difference.

How long will they last?

You should get at least 3—5 years of service from your sandal orthotics depending on the amount of wear and your activity. You will probably use the orthotics in several pairs of sandals before they wear out.

Can they be refurbished?

If sandal orthotics start to show cosmetic wear, often the orthotic itself is still working fine and providing you good support. In this situation, the orthotics can be refurbished very inexpensively so they look like new.

Will the Othotic Work?

Clinical surveys have shown that orthotic patients may gain as much as 33% or more additional orthotic therapy time by wearing sandals or clogs with custom orthotics, as they are more likely to wear orthotics in these styles of shoes than wearing another style that does not accommodate orthotics.




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