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Dress Orthotics



High Heels

Research has shown that the most effective way to decrease force on the ball of the foot, and reduce pain under the ball of the foot and the heel is to use a specialized custom orthotic that transfers pressure off the painful areas of your feet and provides extra cushioning under the forefoot. 


Wearing court orthotics fundamentally changes the inside of high heel shoes, shifting weight off the ball of the foot back to the heel. It actually feels like you are wearing much lower heels which is a true comfort factor for many women. This weight shift seems to improve body alignment and balance ,reducing leg and lower back fatigue while reducing pressure on the ball of the foot. So ladies, we can help you with high heel shoes but we need to see the shoe first to see if we can provide an orthotic which will fit.


The orthotics we provide are a flexible slim fit design which are customised for court shoes. Dress orthotics can be fitted into most types of women’s dress shoes – as long as they do not have an open back. They can fit into heel heights ranging up to 3 or 4 inches.


The days of wearing chunky orthotics which only fit in one type of shoe are gone. You can still wear fashionable shoes and get rid of painful feet.


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