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Types of Orthotics  


• Customised orthotics: These are prescription medical devices made from moulds of your feet. The orthotic is designed to correct the patient’s biomechanics. The function of custom orthotics is much more than an arch support. Customised orthotics realign the structures of the foot and leg to prevent bone mal-alignment as well as muscle, tendon, and ligament fatigue.


• Why do customised orthotics cost more? Customised orthotics are designed specifically for you and your problem and they can not been worn by anyone else. The orthotics are sent to a laboratory and made by specialised orthotic technicians. Non customised orthotics are cheaper because they are a mass produced product not made from a mould taken from your foot.  


• Common Types of Customised Orthotics: There many types of orthotics. Remember one orthotic does not necessarily fit all types of activities or shoes. The most common orthotics are:

1. Court orthotic for ladies dress shoes.

2. Men’s orthotic for dress shoes.

3. Sports orthotic for athletic activities.

4. Gait Plate to correct pigeon toe and out toe in children.

5. Paediatric orthotics for children.



If you currently wear orthotics they should fit the criteria below.

• Your orthotics should be comfortable and not be causing irritation.

• Your orthotics should relieve the symptoms that you consulted the practitioner for.

• You should want to wear your orthotics (leaving them in a drawer is a waste of money).

• Your orthotics should fit easily into your shoes, providing they are appropriate for you.



If your orthotics do not fit the criteria above then follow up with the practitioner who made them, or consult a Podiatrist who has expertise in biomechanics and orthotic therapy.



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