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Weight Loss and Your Feet  



It is difficult to lose weight when your feet hurt—but excess weight can cause foot pain.  So what do you do when foot pain is preventing you from exercising and ultimately losing weight? If you are planning to undertake an exercise program, we recommend that you:  

1. Consult your Doctor.

2. Consult a registered dietician.

3. Enlist a personal trainer or physical therapist to work on an exercise regimen.

Being overweight or obese changes the way the foot functions. Force on the foot increases dramatically when you carry extra weight. Steps are shorter, the feet angle out more and flattening of the foot is increased significantly which can result in injuries.


Foot Orthotics for Persons Carrying Extra Weight

Foot orthotics can minimize abnormal force on the feet and are often used to treat and prevent foot problems in those carrying excess weight and / or trying to lose weight. A relatively firm and controlling foot orthotic is necessary to support the greater forces caused by carrying extra weight. In addition, the orthotic must provide shock absorption to decrease the excessive stress on the joints and help prevent arthritis. Finally, the orthotic must be extremely comfortable.


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