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Because perfect feet are very rare, almost anyone can benefit from orthotics.  They prevent and alleviate many of the common foot, knee, leg, hip and back complaints that cause discomfort in otherwise healthy people.


People who may be candidates for orthotics include those who experience the following:

• One side of the sole of the shoe wears out faster than the other

• Frequent sprained ankles

• Chronic heel, knee or lower back pain

• Sore shins

• Toes that are not straight

• Feet that point inwards or outwards when walking (pigeon toe or out toe)

• General foot pain



It is impossible to say exactly what you need without a consultation.



Just like your prescription glasses that will not  really work for anyone else, neither will your foot orthoses. Each prescription orthoses (whether it is prefabricated or custom made) is individually tailored to each patient.



There are numerous different types of orthotics .Some of the more common ones are slim line orthotic for ladies court shoes, sports orthotics, children’s  orthotics and men’s orthotics. It is important to remember that one orthotic does not fit all shoes or activities. It is common for women to need two pairs of orthotics, one for their court shoes and one for their sport shoes.














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