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We are accredited providers for clients who have a care plan from the National Disability Insurance Scheme. More information is available from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) website. To check whether you are eligible for support through this program please contact your nearest NDIA office.

Clients meet with a planner to discuss their aspirations for the future and form a plan outlining required supports. If you and your planner decide that Podiatry treatment will aid in improving your life we can help you. 


The main areas of Podiatry treatment we could assist you with are:

1. Orthotic Therapy - arch supports are used to treat a varity of problems these include:

- flat feet

- sore feet, knees and back

- bunions

- claw toes

- high arches

- feet ache when standing for long periods

- instability

- feet roll in 

- arches collapse


2. Custom Footwear - extra depth, width, diabetic shoes, 

3. Footcare - includes cutting nails, debriding callous, removal of corns, treat ingrown and fungal nails


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