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Point of difference with Tremayne Porter Podiatry Orthotics


• Before we cast for an orthotic we will do a foot mobilisation on the patient to realign the bones in the feet to the correct position.


• When taking casting impressions we use a weight bearing technique by use of a foam impression box. This is more accurate than the old version of plaster casting feet.


• We use total contact foot orthotics (TCFO). This means that the orthotic is in contact with the arch. Many orthotics are not TCFO because there is a gap between the arch and the orthotic which makes them not as supportive or corrective to the feet. The reason that some Podiatrists use these is that it is easier for the patient to get used to the orthotics and they recieve less complaints from the patient. In the long term though these orthotics may not solve their foot pain.


• We use EVA rubber in different densities for the shell of the orthotic rather than polypropylene (plastic / rigid) material. By doing this we have greater ability to adjust the orthotic, as we can grind it and add additions. Having different densities means that we can provide a range of orthotics which fits every person and activity.


• Our orthotics are designed for specific purposes, that is, not one orthotic for all patients, which often fails due to them being too hard for sport, too bulky for court shoes, etc. We make orthotics for many different purposes. These include:

1. Ski orthotics

2. Dance orthotics

3. Court orthotics

4. Football boot orthotics

5. Golf Shoe orthotics

6. Sandal orthotics

7. Gait Plate orthotics


• We use the best orthotic manufacturer – we get exactly what we prescribe.


• We make orthotics to correct internal tibial torsion or external tibial torsion in children. These orthotics are known as gait plates.


• We have the ability to trouble shoot and adjust orthotics. 90% of adjustments are done on the spot in the clinic.


• We have a comfort guarantee. We will change or adjust your orthotic in the first six weeks if you are not happy, for no additional charge.



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